Hollywood Stardle
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You the last name of today’s star:

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Today’s Hollywood Stardle Results

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How to Play Hollywood Stardle

Hollywood Stardle is a daily puzzle which asks you to guess the last name of a star from film, television, or music. You have six tries to guess the star’s name.

Type your guess, one letter per star, with any combination of letters. Hit the enter button to submit. Your guess does not have to be a name or even a word, if you are looking for hints.

After each guess, the color of the stars will change to show how close your guess was to today’s Hollywood Stardle.


 The letter O is in the name and in the correct spot.
 The letter R is in the name, but in the wrong spot.
 The letters B, G, A, T are not in the name.

A new Hollywood Stardle will be available each day!

Hollywood Stardle created by Karen A. Romanko and Robert A. Desharnais.
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Previous Hollywood Stardle Answers

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